Uve - Lux

Uve - Lux

Digital Radiometer/Photometer features an advanced microprocessor-controlled readout unit with a dual-wavelength sensor to measure both Ultraviolet and Visible White Light. Uve-Lux is a compact, lightweight and robust meter specifically designed for the NDT environment.

LCD Color display with wide viewing angle (320 X 240 pixel, 2.8 in/7 cm)

When the unit is powered up the screen display show the meter calibration date and period of time left before recalibration is required.

Key Features


Readout Unit

4-digit auto ranging display
18 X 64 dotpixel chip on glass
STN transmissive color LCD 2.8” (7.1cm) backlit illumination
Power Requirements
2 X AA NiMH/Primary
95 X 155 X 35mm
320 g

Dual UV-A/Visible Sensor Detector

Irriadiance Range

UV-A Sensor
1-10 000 mW / cm2
Visible Sensor
0.1 - 5000 lux

Spectral Range

UV-A Sensor
320 - 400 nm
85 X 46 X 17 cm
USB Cable Length